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    I have a few ideas. First, can you just call them a career coach? Would your company pay for a self-selected coach, or do they choose the Management coaches that work with their teams? Because you could always just pitch it as a Career Coach.


    If not, I’d pitch it as you want to improve on (list 3 skills), so that you can get to (list the next level of your career). Work with your boss or HR (that’s me!) and have a career plan to show them – (sometimes this is on performance reviews) – show them the context; you’re not doing this arbitrarily, you want to do to it to add more value to your job, and then the company. You also want to use the coaching to move up in your organisation. The first thing they’ll ask is “how much” – so have coaches researched. They may say “ok, but up to XX dollars”, which is fairly typical.

    The next question would be “what’s in it for us?”  – and that’s where you get to pitch the new projects you’re working on, or how it’s going to help you be a better manager and improve Return on Investment by helping you lead a more efficient team.

    I haven’t heard of many companies paying for coaches. If you’re an NFP, check out http://www.charityvillage.com – they are a Canadian NFP job board, but often offer free webinars. One of their speakers is Eileen Chadnick, who also writes for the Globe and Mail. She’s a career coach (full disclosure – she’s MY coach), and while not ADD/ADHD specific, her advice absolutely rocks. She often does free webinars with Charity Village, and has a book called EASE that teaches you to slow down and deal with overwhelm. Might be helpful in the meantime! Good luck 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)