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    Nice to meet you:) Now it appears that your father has some concerns about the affects that the medication may have on you, especially if addiction runs in your family.  The stimulant medications that he is thinking about do carry that effect on your system. With that said, there are a wide range of other medication that do not contain the ingredient that causes that reaction. What I would suggest, is making an appointment with a therapist for the both of you to attend. This way, she can address his concerns and you can get a professional’s opinion. Remember that your father loves you and is concerned otherwise, what would he care what you ingest? The best thing to do is to stay on the same page because whatever the diagnosis or treatment options you get, you are going to need all the support you can from friends and family because treatment doesn’t end with a prescription. It’s a whole new lifestyle that you are going to need to adjust to in order for you to progress successfully. We are here to support you and thank you for talking about it. If ever you need to talk some more, just ring my bell and I will be here:) Good Luck

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)