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TEAMS ADHD Treatment – Training Executive, Attention, and Motor Skills 2012-04-17T13:31:11+00:00

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    Jim – many thanks! You’re obviously a very kind person! I will do so.


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    Grreat! video, I’ve spent days and days on and on in places like that. Never did own a helmet!. That’s almost embarrassing to admit. I’m only a tiny bit like Jebb Corliss. I’ve always wanted to fly a hang glider. What he does looks much more like what I’d like to do. I’ll bet I’ll be able to do that during the rest of my life in heaven. If it’s really heaven there will be 1) waves, 2) Women, 3) air! ***grin*** And gravity of course. Something needs to keep us “grounded” huh? LOL!

    Mountain biking ROCKS! and nowadays they have full suspension. “Back in the day” my arms and legs were the suspension. I strongly recommend trying it if you haven’t. I only got to ride motorcycles for more than a year, but I wouldn’t change one bit of my past. Yep, no kidding. I’ve been using a wheelchair for over 15 years. I have chronic pain. It’s real bad right now. Never expected to have enough surgeries to count. But it’s more than oh, a dozen???. who cares. None of them were due to sports injuries. None. I can still tell you this, almost nothing beats crashing down a hill n getting air born on two wheels. Bikes are the only thing I can think of that would come close is flying. I’ve spent entire days not in the mountains, but still having pure fun on my old 10 speed road bike, on paved roads, in the hills, flat, you name it. I even drove a mountain bike to work for the first couple years of being a Father. That reminds me. My daughter just turned 24 today, the 19th. I sent her box of presents from about a week ago, That’s a dang miracle!. She got her box of presents on time!, and I’m not in the hospital!. My health has not been as good as it is now for a very long time. I have an excellent GP doctor.

    Anyways, on the mountain biking subject. In the summer some ski resorts open up for mountain bikers and adrenaline junkie paraplegics. I think they take the lift up with bike, or all terrain wheel chair, haven’t gone yet. Then race down the runs. They literally have races!, I got my all terrain wheelchair within 4 or 5 months of getting injured. Mine looks very much just like this one only it’s red and no gun mount! hehe. But I have have a minor goal of hunting wild boar in mind, more than a year of thinking about it… It’s not quite on my bucket list yet, but hunting a wild boar with a handgun only, seems more fair and humane than the rest of hunting. I’ve only been bow hunting one time, I think I was about 14. Killed a squirrel, couldn’t deal with the grief and never hunted again. Seriously. So I’m still on the fence about hunting. Maybe just bring the camera, getting close enough for a good picture sounds just as exiting. I’ll bring the big bad handgun just in case I accidentally sneak up on a Momma bear. Would I be able to kill it? or just let it send me to heaven?… (what a brain huh?) My mountain bike style wheels just like on that chair in the video fit on my everyday manual chair. For traction in snow/mud/sand, they just look cool, and tuff! .

    Of course surfing cannot be compared to anything, Not even sex . I DO still have my surfboard, a 9’3″ long board, n all the gear (wetsuit, booties, gloves, etc.) And have solid goals about getting back into the water. I’m really just waiting for a burn on my left knee to finish healing. Getting pressure sores on my knees is the only thing keeping me out of the water now. (a hot laptop gave me a bad burn months n months ago, I can barely feel it) I’ll figure out an easy way to protect my knees. My ADHD brain’s probably working on it subconsciously as I write!. Dang, I shouldn’t get me started talking about sport/adventures… ugh. yada yadd. (I’ll skip the funny story about how I broke the linkage of my all terrain chair crashing down a hill with deep ruts)

    I congratulate you on spending a day in that helicopter Scattylady. :-), my heart muscles are flexing just thinking about doing something like that. I hope you spend your next birthday the same way. I’ll bet by then you can get some kind of note from your doctor about being “safe” to fly. You’ll feel more comfortable too. It’s too late now anyway. You’ve talked about it on the Internet. So they know, or can find out some time way out in the future. You haven’t committed any crime though. It sounds like you just forgot!, there’s no malice in that. An ADHD brain is best suited for the complex all four limb super-coordination it takes to fly a helicopter. They definitely can’t lump us all together and render us “unsafe to operate machines or motor vehicles” Imagine the backlash?, just the activist minded folks reading this will get involved if they don’t let ya fly. The most creative and determined minds on the planet have ADHD. We’re not super human. But we know how to get around any obstacle there is. No government, or FAA can keep ya out of the sky if that’s where you want to be.

    Do it again soon!, maybe after your home is closer to being done. At least make sure the roof is good, and it’s seismically safe. Home’s R fer sleepin. Helicopters, surfboards, n Mountain bikes are for LIVING!

    Happy belated birthday, glad you chose to celebrate it so well.

    Go girl.



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    Hi Robbo – thanks for your positive words and thoughts. I like what you said about the house is for sleeping and the rest is for living. Good thought!

    You say being in a helicopter is scary – but surfing! Now THAT’S what I call really scary!! I would never have the courage to do that. Too much water involved and too little board! But I had a near-death experience with a dingy and a cold lake in Scotland once so surfing would scare me.

    Could you get your chair adapted for off-road playing or are they just TOO expensive to take the risk? Guess it depends on how much pain you’re in too – sorry to hear you have chronic pain. You’re a brave man to cope with pain and ADHD.


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    @Robbo> I just got my 3rd crash replacement full-face helmet (& turned 65) WTF am I thinking and doing? I’m dialing down the aggressive stuff; a broken neck can ruin your entire day. thankfully the road bike seems to give me calm and pleasure.

    On pain: did my back in – in ’98 moving between houses. Probably the singularly most painful and frustrating thing I ever suffered through. Mercifully a good physio got me back on track and daily (when I remember) exercises to strengthen core keep me in fine shape.

    If I had a longboard I’d probably be part of a coral reef somewhere by now ;o)

    cheers, Jim

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