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Self diagnosed Adhd… 2019-06-03T19:44:01+00:00

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    I went to the doctors last year and told them I feel like I have adhd and how I feel. They sent me to cbt group sessions for anxiety but I quit as I felt they were only looking at my anxiety in general and not addressing the bigger issue of the adhd. I’ve tried coping with it as I did tell my partner and she didn’t seem interested in learning about it to help our relationship. Sometimes everything just feels too much and I can’t handle it very well, nearly every aspect of my life is being affected by it. I smoke cannabis daily to help my mind slow down and focus, which is great and has its perks, but sometimes feel this holds me back too.
    I kind of diagnosed myself with precordial catch syndrome as well, found a link online and researched it to find all the symptoms match up, the hospital found nothing when I went years ago so they dismissed it. This doesn’t help as it becomes more present at the worst times

    Any advice on what you think I should do next would be appreciated..

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