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Omega 3's 2011-06-27T22:36:17+00:00
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    Has anyone had any results with Omega 3’s I started taking Omega 3 fish oil and feel my internal motor slowing down. I actually feel more calm and centred and able to focus and follow a thought almost all the way through (almost! but thats alot better than before) lol

    Could this just be a coincidence or has anyone else has sucess with this?

    Also what else have you incorporate into your diet to help? What about caffiene does anyone drink coffee here? i try to avoid it as I find it makes my motor go into turbo mode! lol but from time to time I crave a coffee should I avoid it all together?



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    Hey Sherri27, I take Omega 3 (fish oil) supplements every day and I find they help. I take them because I personally haven’t responded well to several of the medications out there (Ritalin, Dexedrine, Concerta, Vyvanse). I’m definitely not bashing them at all – I have two siblings who are taking meds and are doing well on them. I stopped taking them because I always ended up feeling the side effects to a huge degree. I’m naturally an extremely anxious person and I felt that the medications amplified this too much.

    Anyhow, back to Omega 3’s. I take one or two 1000 mg (or 1g) capsules daily and find it slows my internal motor down as well. From what I’ve read it’s not recommended to take over 3000 mg (or 3 g) a day. I also notice that there’s some cognitive effects. I find that I’m a little better at interrupting the usual stream of irrelevant blather going on in my brain with thoughts that are relevant to the things going on at the moment (hope that makes sense). I guess that might mean that I can focus a little better on a task at hand.

    Also, I notice it helps with a “mental murky-ness” that I often feel.

    The effects aren’t incredibly dramatic though, very subtle, but at the moment it works for me.

    Hope that helps.


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    Hmm I too take the same dose as above. I note rather than a slow down more of a smoothing out of the medication I take. Not a huge effect but perceptable.


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