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    Hi haraldbenz – interesting experiment.

    I have never taken Adderall because it’s not available in the UK. However, I do take methylphenidate which, although is different it has similarities.

    When I take the quick release version I sleep at night. I don’t sleep when I don’t take it despite being tired all day. I do find I am tired a lot when I am off my meds.

    Concerta is the slow release methylphenidate equivalent to your Adderall. I found when I took that, my insomnia was unbearable. I had to stop taking it and go back to the quick release version. I take more on a morning and less on an afternoon. So by evening I have enough in my system to quieten my mind so I can sleep, but not enough that it keeps me awake at night. I like the flexibility of the quick release. I can modify the dose and timings to suit my day.

    With regard to going cold turkey……. my psych thinks I can pretty much self medicate with the methylphenidate (obviously not exceeding the max daily allowance), and that includes not taking it if I don’t want to.  Because these drugs are all stimulants with a quick action and a short half-life, there is more flexibility with taking them than with the non-stimulants.

    As long as they are taken at therapeutic levels, there shouldn’t be any withdrawal symptoms when we stop taking them. I think the issue is likely to be with the increased effects of returning ADHD symptoms rather than with the drugs per se.  Of course I am not a medic and it’s just my opinion and personal experience.

    I am glad you got it sorted. Here’s to sleep at night. :).

    Tibrin – thanks for the tip. I might try that out.




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    @Tibrin – Votre Anglais est très bon. Je ne savez pas que vous étiez Français jusqu’à ce que vous avez dit ça. 🙂

    Melatonin works very well, so I have heard. It was recommended to me by a friend but I have to check with my pharmacist before I try it because of possible interactions. And I keep forgetting to ask every time I’m there, of course. 🙄

    Another option for a natural sleep aid is Valerian.  I use it quite a bit and find it works well. The trick is it wears off very quickly. So you have to be ready to go to bed when you take it. The first time I used it I was watching a movie and I started to feel drowsy but I thought I would just wait until it was over. By the time the movie was over I was wide awake and ended up sitting up to watch two more movies. After that I was sure to go to bed right away, like it said in the instructions.

    Like I should be doing right now.


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    The thing to remember in all of these, and everyone’s experiences, is that this is soooo individual.

    There are people who can eat anything and not gain weight.

    There are people who can eat a few peanuts and die.

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