Need Help, do I actually have ADD or is it in my head?

//Need Help, do I actually have ADD or is it in my head?
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Need Help, do I actually have ADD or is it in my head? 2018-01-29T16:29:00+00:00

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  • roxina1000
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    Hi all,

    I’ve been suffering mild-to-moderate depressive episodes for the last couple years, along with many things I’ve always accepted as just being part of my personality. I’ve always had a sort of gut feeling that not everything is normal with me, and it’s frustrated me enough to just go through the NHS website , checking myself against lists of symptoms. I was a little bit surprised when I hit the ADHD/ADD page and I felt that almost all of the inattentivenes symptoms matched up with me. Here are things I experience on the daily:

    – Severe procrastination (I will always leave college work until the night before, sometimes later)
    – Easily distracted (seriously, I was in Photography today and got sidetracked and ended up spending the rest of the lesson researching *dendrochronology* of all things. )
    – Obsessing over things I’m currently interested to the point of putting other responsibilities and interests to the side
    – Losing interest in said obsessions quickly and picking up new ones just as fast (often to my detriment, as I impulse-buy things to do with that particular obsession and then find I don’t want them afterwards)
    – Forgetting things a LOT. Particularly dates, names/faces, and important things also.
    – Losing things ridiculously easily.
    – Talking to my internet friends religiously for three days and then not talking to them at all for a week (Sorry internet friends ;-;)
    – Will talk very quickly and for great length about something that I’m passionate about, to the point where others point out that I haven’t shut up for the last hour
    – Depressive episodes, though never for longer than two weeks or so.
    – I have a couple of fidgeting habits, specifically bouncing my foot to allieviste nervousness and stress (and sometimes just to give me something to DO), and fidgeting with the skin around my jawline (a bit odd but hey). The fidgeting gets worse the more nervous/distressed I am
    – If I’m fixated on something, I’m able to focus on it so completely and deeply that I notice next to nothing going on around me.
    – I have difficulty falling asleep often because I start thinking about loads of different things and suddenly remember things and stuff like that.
    – This is making me really tired recently ;-;
    – Sometimes struggling to do things I usually enjoy.

    – Disorganised. This was exceptionally crappy when I was in middle school but it’s still not improved that much.

    – Also I dissociate sometimes. In terms of often not realising the reality/gravity of my situation until the situation is upon me.

    Not really much else to say :/ I’m 18, female, in college.

    Any help or advice would be super appreciated, thank you so much if you read this far 🙂

    That Guy with ADHD
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    Hi rixina1000,
    If those are your symtoms we have a lot in common. Based on the description of what you are facing it would seem as if you could have ADHD but it would be a good idea to get a formal diagnosis. Rick Green mentioned that there are other disorders that have similar symtoms so it’s best to be sure before seeking treatment. Is ADHD in your head? Absolutely! That’s the problem. We don’t think like others do. It does take time and effort to develope strategies that will work for you. Some take medication, others change their diet, throw in some councilling and meditation… Or maybe a combination of them. I personally haven’t responded to stimulant therapy and a change in diet didn’t seem to do much for me but others have found it to be helpful. I have found CBT helpful but often lose track of what I learned and fall back into old habits. I am currently being treated for depression which for many seems to go hand in hand with ADHD. I don’t know if it’s because I have a low self esteem but CBT has helped with that. And fatigue? I have that in spades! I was diagnosed with Hyper-somnolence so I am always tired regardless of the quality and quantity of sleep I get.

    I managed to get through two university degrees but struggled every day. That was back in the eighties. I always thought that I was different. At first I thought everyone was like this but as I got older I was sure that I had a brain tumor or something. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me until I happened to hear a radio interview where both the person being interviewed and the interviewer had ADHD and described their symptoms. I replayed the article over and over because I couldn’t believe that I was not alone and that others felt the same way I did. I’ve since joined my local ADHD support group which has made a big difference in my life.

    Here in the forum you will find many brilliant people who have shared their thoughts and insights into their condition. The website also has great blog entries from Rick as well as helpful videos (some are free and other longer ones are for sale). I lurk in the forums regularly and have learned a lot. Last year when I first thought I had ADHD I found this sight to be my biggest source of decent information. I was finally diagnosed this month but have already gone through some treatment with the
    Psychiatrist who is treating my Hyper-somnolence.

    I hope you find the material helpful as I did.

    Best regards

    AKA That Guy with ADHD

    And no, I an not affiliated with this site. Just a big fan.

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    Thanks for your response Richard, it’s very much appreciated! I went to the doctor’s yesterday and she has referred me to a psychiatrist to get a formal diagnosis, so all boding well I should be able to get some help there. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, although I am a little scared and I feel like a should have done this a long time ago. It would have helped so much through middle school. *sigh* I have heard that adult diagnoses are quite common though as often adults don’t realize that’s what it is until later.

    That Guy with ADHD
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    Yes, adult diagnosis are quite common. In this forum, as well as my ADHD support group I have found that the many newcomers are adults like us who felt as if something was wrong but they couldn’t figure out what, if anything, was causing it. I thought it was just who I was for the longest time. When my marriage began to suffer I went for councilling and never got very far. It wasn’t until I came upon ADHD that the pieces of the puzzle finally started to fit. Now at least I have some things I can try to improve my life. It’s given me some hope for the future. I too wish I had found out sooner but I am glad to find out now at the age of 54. An early diagnosis could have prepared me better for life’s challenges. At least now I can tell myself that I am not stupid, and most days I believe it. While my self esteme is still very low I do have hope that I will find strategies that will help me to be less “Me” and more “Myself”.

    Please let me know how things go. If you need to talk about anything feel free to message me. I’m more than happy to lend an ear.

    Kindest Regards


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