HELP! Is age effecting my ADHD symptoms or am I just worn out from all the fun?

///HELP! Is age effecting my ADHD symptoms or am I just worn out from all the fun?
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HELP! Is age effecting my ADHD symptoms or am I just worn out from all the fun? 2011-01-02T02:55:16+00:00

The Forums Forums I Just Found Out! Help! HELP! Is age effecting my ADHD symptoms or am I just worn out from all the fun?

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    I’m a newbie to this site and to the idea that there is something “wrong” with me.

    Even as a chld I knew what my teachers and other adults including my parents were

    saying WASN’T true. I’m not “lazy”, I’m not “not applying myself”, I’m not “just not trying”. They just couldn’t see what I was seeing, they couldn’t feel the things

    I felt and they didn’t know the things I already knew. And I couldn’t for the life of me

    figure out how to explain “it” or myself.

    A good portion if my “pressure to conform” subsided when I reached Jr. High.

    I loved sports and actually excelled at ALL of them.? (go figure)

    A great deal of relief came due to repetitive daily class assignments carrying much less weight

    in the overall class score. 10% at the very most. Quizzes, exams and finals made up the 90%.

    I went from teachers passing me based on test scores and because they just couldn’t

    bare to have me disrupting their class another year to not just passing but practically straight “A’s”.

    Needless to say, but I’m gonna anyway, I developed a new found relationship with my folks, teachers and other linear thinking people in general. I soon became known as ” fun to be around”, “a kid with a great sense of humor”, “a prankster”, and yes “ornery”. No more was I the mean, rude, thoughtless troublemaker that I was labeled and carried with me for 11-12 years.

    Life was great and just kept getting greater and greater!

    I too had a son that had the gift just as I. Didn’t know what to call his “affliction” any more than my own, but I knew we were one in the same.

    Also have tinnitus. Silence is not golden for me! Oops giving my age away.

    I have read a few posts that make me wonder if hormone fluctuations/age may have an effect on my ADHD.

    Spent the first 12 years in my secret, private world no one else understood.

    Spent my next 37 years grasping the world by the tail, kicking butt and loving every minute of it.

    And now for the last, something like a year, lost inside my head and can’t seem to get out.

    I welcome any thoughts or coments, actually I’m asking.

    Am I the only one changing with possibly age???

    Can and or will the meds give immediate relief?


    Lost in (my) space and so exhausted from trying to find my way out…

    But still pacing throughout my home while poking this out on my phone….

    The tireder my brain gets the busier my body gets….. Sound familiar to anyone?

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    Does age make a difference…..hmmm, I’d say so. I’d struggled along for a long time knowing I was ADD (my profession has me on the lookout for ‘my’ type) and always managed to do okay.

    Then….. I started to get a bit older….and older…..and I noticed it was becoming more and more difficult to manage as well as I had in the past.

    Then some major health issues had to be dealt. They were my undoing. Having to claw my way back to the land of the living and then returning to work put me over the edge. Dealing with the emotional aspect of the health issues (two of them at once!!?) basically occupied a lot of brain energy.

    My extra issue of ADHD was goiing to need to be dealt with by someone other than just ‘me’ so I could manage the other things I was going through.

    My health issues have been dealt with by the right docs and I finally went for help for my ADHD from a psychiatrist. At my age, I’ve realized take all the help you can get! Since brain fog seems to settle on me a lot more frequently now at age 54 (where did I put that thingy?) I’m absolutely all for getting all the help I can from wherever I can!

    Meds have made life much better and no, I’m not a zombie. I have the same thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Just a lot more organized and focused. The last thing ANY of my friends would call me would be a zombie. A med can only make a person a zombie if it is the wrong med or wrong dose.

    You’re right, the tired-er our brain gets the busier our bodies become. Busier but not more productive. ;o(

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    Rey &Zsa:

    Hey! We must share the same brain…….my life experiences are just like yours.

    I was diagnosed two years ago, and have been on Metadate. I’m now 71. Yes, the medication gave clarity and focus, not to mention contentment, to my life.

    But here’s the bad news: my tendency to lose things, ignore things, File in Piles, forget to pay bills……gets worse the older I get. Medication helps but it can’t undo years of counterproductive coping strategies.

    The point of this story is that the habits of a lifetime are so.o.o.o. difficult to break. I still cannot interrupt what I want to do……e.g., I want to carry my coffee to my office. However, I make a mess making coffee, and then spill it on the way to my office. Do I stop to clean up the mess? No, cause I’ll lose m;y train of thought. This type of thing happens many times a day, and by evening my house is a disaster zone. I still procrastinate, don’t leave my keys and glasses in the place I’m supposed to, constantly lose pieces of paper and mail that I need right now. And on and on, etc., etc. It helps to know why I do this, but learning new strategies is like an old dog learning new tricks. And yes, Rey, I have tinnitus too.

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