Help i think my son has ADHD

//Help i think my son has ADHD
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    I think my son has ADHD, I think I have it too but i’ve done well in my career however; I see my son struggling every day at school
    1. he loses focus and is not able to complete his math work
    2. he would rather not copy his notes or even write essays
    3. he struggles to grasp mathetical concepts
    4. he is very bright and can beat anyone at mind craft and he is just 9
    5. he loves dancing and reads the encyclopedia
    6. he loves pictures which is why I think he likes to read books like the encyclopedia
    7. he distracts other children in class by drawing them into fun activities even when lectures are going on
    8. he has not been diagnosed even though I have now sought professional help
    9. he is extremely playful and recently I have been made to understand that he uses words like ’s’’’’’’t in class

    I need help my heart breaks whenever I see him try but fail at completing tasks except if there is someone constatntly asking him to or pushing him to. Dear community please help


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    how old is he, myself I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 7 years old, I was never hyperactive but I always was never able to maintain attention and would say and do impulsive things all the time, u should look into getting him tested for it so you can decide on a treatmeant or whatever you want to do about it, in order the take most medications u have to be at least 6 years old, when I was first diagnosed I tried every med available but nun worked, later when I was 9 or 10 I tried 2 of the same ones again and noticed a big difference , anyway look into tests that are available for your your son to start out


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    Maybe you should see a doctor?

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