Have you tried Saleh Stevens MMA?

//Have you tried Saleh Stevens MMA?
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Have you tried Saleh Stevens MMA? 2018-03-03T13:03:46+00:00

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  • ptcda
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    I was thinking about Saleh Stevens MMA, any suggestions?

    That Guy with ADHD
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    I’m not sure about Saleh Stevens MMA but for ADHD any form of excersize is a good thing. I’m not partial to mixed marshall arts myself but that could just be an age thing (things don’t move like they used to 🤕). Anything that is good for the heart is good for the brain.


    AKA That Guy with ADHD

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    Hi I have been training Krav Maga for a few years and have very good experience. It’s FUN, gets results, a lot of new stuff all the time. And a trainer that keeps it exciting. So a lot of the more realistic combat spirts will be great. At least for me, and I hope you give it a shot. So MMA is a lot like Krav Maga, but in Krav we skip all the sissy rules and focus on what works. I hope I offended some, so maybe I’ll bring out the popcorn ;)And please tell us what you discover!

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