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    Dreams are a pretty strange thing for me.
    No Idea how much its related to ADHD:

    First i thought i couldnt dream and did never dream.
    I remember telling my mum that i dreamed of vegetables with fork and knives to dont seem to strange that i dont dream.
    I couldnt get the concept.

    However sometimes i would scream and talk while sleeping. And recently some rare days i actually can remember the dream.
    But this in very rare cases,.


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    I also have this issue, as well as trouble falling asleep. Note: I should have been asleep 2 hours ago! After dinner-before bed, is usually the time I dedicate to finishing small tasks I forgot to do earlier in the day. It’s also when I feel most creative and inspired to do things I actually WANT to do not HAVE to do. I’m truly a night owl, but know I have an early morning work schedule, which is very difficult to juggle both. I’ve tried ZQuil, lavender oil, sleepy tunes. Sure, I’d fall asleep faster than usual, but nothing could prevent me from waking up throughout the night.

    Vivid nightmares would startle and wake me up sweating and gasping for air, then leave me in a haunted paranoida state, afraid to fall back into the same dream where I left off. Sometimes my dreams appear as a movie, watching myself through an outside perspective. Usually though, they are as if viewing them from my own eyes. The vivid dreams seem so real, sometimes I forget and confuse them with memories of actual events. However, dreaming vividly of a past memory with a different storyline, then FORGET which actually DID happen is a vicious cycle of rediscovering my reality vs fantasy. Trust me, lots of unnecessary arguing of what “really happened” when I know better to keep my mouth shut (but just can’t).
    Scratch that 2nd line: 2 1/2 hours ago! Is this insomnia??

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