45, ADD and totally in the wrong job, I feel suck and screwed

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45, ADD and totally in the wrong job, I feel suck and screwed2010-12-13T20:35:27+00:00

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    Are you serious? You were in print as well.

    I have gone through the discussion stage with my boss. The message is clear. I can do it. Because he says so.

    He takes my description about my limitation as a form of “attitude”. He literally said that to me. I believe that I am cornered.

    Right now, I need to do anything to make sure that I can stand him before I can find a way out. In the mean time, I honestly don’t think I have a choice but to find ways to help myself.

    Thank you so much for replying to me. I really appreciate it.


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    So I started this post a year ago. Time flies. I haven’t been here for a while. Like I forget to check it out. Another gift of ADD. So I am still in my same job. I am feeling very low tonight as I found out I failed an exam today for the second time to get my next level at work. Its one of those exams that our whole mark is based on the exam. I feel like such a loser. Both my co-works took it and passed both levels with 80’s. I took my first level 3 times to just barely pass and now the second level 2 times and I will have to take it again.

    It is just incredibly stressful. Forcing myself to study. I actually thought I did well this last time only to find out I suck even when I try my hardest. I am mid 40’s, little transferable skills. I have applied for several jobs in the last year, nobody wants me. This just keeps getting worse. I don’t have a very understanding boss. He is very selfish and self-centered so doesn’t give a shit about my problems.

    Ironically he is sick right now so he needs me but I am very worried about my future. I started my family late in life so I still have kids to support, I can’t just go out and take a minimum wage job. It’s just not enough. I too feel like I am backed into a corner.


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    Good Thread,

    After I read it, if there isn’t already a solution like the one I found out about tonight, I’ll post it. There’s a work book/survey/test kinda thing a friend is getting me to help find the right job. “My place in the world” so to speak. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the music or entertainment business. Heck maybe acting… comedy… We shall see.

    When time permits, I’ll read all three pages n mebby post the name of the book I’ll be getting next tuesday.

    pataters later. (salutations dyslexia style)

    uuuukay, buh-bye.

Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)